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Privileges We Offer You

Whois Management

You can change your domain name's whois information easily and quickly through your domain panel.

DNS Management

ou can define your domain name server (dns) information online through your domain panel.

Name Server Management

Name server oluşturma ve düzenleme gibi işlemleri kontrol paneli üzerinden anlık olarak yapabilirsiniz.

What is Whois Protection

You can perform operations such as creating and editing name server instantly through the control panel.

Domain Name Query / Extension

You can easily extend and renew the domain name registration period via your control panel.

Domain Name Transfer

You can transfer your domain names from a different company to our company. You can also transfer your domain names from our company to a different company online.
Extension Register Renew Transfer
.com $17.26 $17.26
.net $22.38 $22.38 $22.38
$22.38 $22.38
$36.78 $36.78
.biz $28.08 $28.08 $29.60
.co $45.76 $45.76
.in $11.18 $11.18 $11.18
$41.60 $41.60
$43.18 $43.18
$14.38 $14.38
.name $16.80 $16.80 $16.80
.host $166.40 $166.40 $166.40
$36.78 $36.78
.tv $46.56 $46.56 $46.56
.club $22.78 $22.78 $22.78
.de $13.46 $13.46 $13.46
.us $19.68 $19.68 $19.68
.ru $41.60 $41.60 $0
.es $19.12 $19.12 $0
$35.18 $35.18
.bz $39.20 $39.20 $39.20
.ca $23.84 $23.84 $23.84
.cc $20.96 $20.96 $20.96
.cn $36.78 $36.78 $36.78
.la $52 $52 $52

Frequently Asked Questions

What is domain name registration?

To be a website owner, you must first register a domain name. You can think of a domain name registration as a trademark registration service. The registration service ensures that the domain for which you have purchased the rights for a given period is recorded on your behalf during the period of use and is not used by different people.

Do you provide a control panel for domain management?

Of course, you can use the management system in your client area to perform all the operations related to domain services.

How long does it take to activate my domain name registration order?

When you pay by credit card, your order is immediately confirmed, payments made by money transfer / EFT are confirmed by one of our staff.

Are you sending close information to the end of the domain name registration period?

We send you SMS and email reminder messages before the expiration of your domain name.

Do you need to request a document for domain name registration?

You have to upload a document for some domain names. (Sample extensions EU and US) These documents will be requested by our staff after the order process. You can see the extensions that require documents in the price list on our domain name registration page.

What happens if I do not renew my domain name registration?

Enters the renewal and recovery period, respectively, after the date when the registration period for your domain name ends. In these periods, if you have no renewal / recovery for your domain, your right to the domain name will be lost and your domain name may be registered by someone else.

Do you provide whois protection?

The whois information is visible to everyone as standard. You can hide your information by activating the whois protection feature from your domain panel during and after ordering.

About the domain

The digital world continues to renew and grow day by day. In the past, taking part in the digital world seemed to be a choice, but today, companies in all sectors have no choice but to go digital. For example, a company in the food sector can reach an audience much higher than its physical potential thanks to mobile applications and Internet solutions, and by providing service to homes, it can both satisfy its customers and get a higher profit. Or let s think about the banking sector. Perhaps only 10 years ago, we had to go to bank branches for many transactions. This was a serious waste of time for many. Now, thanks to mobile applications, we can handle almost all transactions quickly. If there was a bank that continued in the system of 10 years ago at a time when all banks were digitalized, how many people do you think would have preferred this bank? There is a great responsibility that digitalization imposes on everyone. It is necessary to always stay up to date and quickly follow all the innovations. In fact, if you can, you should be the first to innovate. Thus, you get the chance to become an exemplary company that is followed, not followed. As the hosts family; we set out in 1998 in order to contribute to the digitalization process of all companies, companies or individuals with new communication technologies. In those days; the Internet was very new, and the vast majority could not even imagine the dimensions that the digital world could come to yet. A lot has changed since the 90s, but the quality and innovation of the Server has always remained the same. Taking on a mission to bring innovations to Turkey, Serucun started the pre-request process for new domain extensions for the first time in Turkey in 2013 and received over 1 million requests in this process; It has received the title of the company with the highest demand in Africa, Asia and Europe. How Did It Begin to Exist in the Internet World? The digitization process started with just one extension. The first domain in the Internet world was taken after the implementation of the .com domain name in 1985. symbolics.com We can say that the foundations of the first house of the Internet world were laid with the publication of. Just think; in 1985, a world was created in which everything was empty and very valuable land was sold at affordable prices! It was precisely at that time that most of those who discovered this world and invested by buying domain names later became millionaires. You can click here to read Domain s journey in history. How Should You Choose Your Domain? Today, the digital assets of companies have become much more important than their physical assets. Until recently, companies were completing their physical assets first and then positioning themselves in digital. However, the process has now started to work differently. These days, investors are building their digital assets first when starting a new business. If you want to proceed in a planned and correct way in the first stages of your new business, you should first have the domain address that best describes your business. At this stage; When defining your business, we recommend that you not only take today as a basis and think about the potential areas that you can add to your company in the future. Choosing a name that refers to a narrow area while receiving your domain address may be incomplete in identifying your company when you expand your business lines in the future. For example; you are making handcrafted chairs and you have set out with a domain address with a chair in it and your work has been very appreciated. You are in demand by your target audience and in this case; table, coffee table, etc. you have also decided to produce products. However, your domain name is identified with the chair. This can cause you problems and can cause extra hassle because you are not thinking about the growth potential of your business at the stage of starting your business. In order to avoid such problems; we recommend that you make a good planning map related to your business and choose your domain name in a way that best describes you. Of course, it is possible to change your domain name. However, this may cause you to fall behind in your SEO efforts or cause confusion among your customers. If your domain name is insufficient to fully meet your business potential, How can I Change the Name of My Website? you can benefit from our article. In addition, you have determined your domain name and, lets say, you have made your purchase with the .com extension. Well .net, .me, xyz, .club etc. what about extensions? In the future, when your business grows, someone different may pose a threat to you by purchasing these extensions. To prevent this, our advice is to buy other domain extensions for your domain name, even if you dont use them. Although your server will always inform you about the expiration date of your domain name before your domains expire, we recommend that you make your domain name payments on the spot for a longer term per year, or set up a reminder on your own system in case emails or messages escape your eyes. This way, your domain name will not be wasted and will not be purchased by different people or institutions. New Domain Extensions are on Your Server! We have added new extensions to our domains so that you position your business in the most accurate way and your website extension defines you in the best way. Now you can continue your business with more energetic, more well-defined and innovative domains. If you want to start new online publications and you have a lot of stories to tell, your domain name extension.you can get it as a blog. So you can continue to share your stories with the whole world and accumulate new stories. To open your virtual store and continue your sales online.the shop domain extension is at your service! .with shop, you can deliver your products to the world and establish a huge digital shopping network. If you have a company working on a regional basis and you are aiming to reach more people in Istanbul, now.the istanbul domain name is also offered for sale with the difference of the server. You can click here to review all the new domains. New Domain Extensions and SEO Relationship One of the most curious things about new domains is whether they will create a disadvantage in terms of SEO studies. In this regard, Google has not made a statement that the new domain extensions have a negative impact on SEO. In addition, some sites within Google have already started using new domain extensions! We are not afraid to be innovative and discover new domain extensions that will benefit you or your business in reaching the right target audience right away! We Entrust Your Domain! After creating your domain name and completing your site, there is one more issue that you need to think about. Where will your site be hosted? It is at this stage that Hosting comes into play. Hosting service is a web hosting service provider. Hosting is the area where all the files of the website are located, and it ensures that all the content of the websites is stored on advanced computers called servers and is accessible without interruption. When buying hosting, you should pay attention to buying a package that is compatible with your website. When you buy a hosting package with little disk space for a site with more space that it occupies, you may experience many problems. Reducing your site speed is one of these problems. If your hosting package is insufficient to meet the space of your site; the opening time of your pages will be extended. In terms of SEO, this is a pretty big disadvantage. Because users are intolerant of everything that opens slowly in an increasingly accelerated and practical digital world. Dec Sundays are also among the market leaders in hosting services. Shared hosting, Vds Vps Server, Dedicated Server, Mail Hosting, such as for each site structure, you can review our hosting packages prepared appropriately and you can buy the package you need with the difference of the server.