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Professional Reseller Hosting

With fully equipped Professional Reseller Hosting packages, you can offer all of your services uninterrupted and gather them under one roof.

  • Periodic Backup
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • High Speed
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  • plusUnlimited SSD Web Space
  • plusUnlimited Traffic
  • plus300% CPU Usage
  • plus15 Site Hosting
  • plusUnlimited MySQL Databases
  • plusUnlimited E-Mail
  • plus300 Simultaneous Connections (EP)
  • plus400 Simultaneous Connections (NPROC)
  • plus3 Core CPU
  • plus3 GB of Ram
  • plusUnlimited Subdomain
  • plus15 FTP Accounts
  • plusInode is unlimited
  • plusMulti PHP Support
  • plusPhp Selector
  • plusPHP 5.3-7.4
  • plusAnti DDoS Protection
  • plusAutomatic Shell Cleaning
  • plusImunify360
  • plusCageFS
  • plusFree Backup
  • plusLocation Turkey
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  • plusUnlimited SSD Web Space
  • plusUnlimited Traffic
  • plus400% CPU Usage
  • plus20 Site Hosting
  • plusUnlimited MySQL Databases
  • plusUnlimited E-Mail
  • plus400 Simultaneous Connections (EP)
  • plus500 Simultaneous Connections (NPROC)
  • plus4 Core CPU
  • plus4 GB RAM
  • plusUnlimited Subdomain
  • plus20 FTP Accounts
  • plusInode is unlimited
  • plusMulti PHP Support
  • plusPhp Selector
  • plusPHP 5.3-7.4
  • plusAnti DDoS Protection
  • plusAutomatic Shell Cleaning
  • plusImunify360
  • plusCageFS
  • plusFree Backup
  • plusLocation Turkey
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  • plus Unlimited SSD Web Space
  • plus Unlimited Traffic
  • plus %600 CPU Kullanımı
  • plus 25 Site Hosting
  • plus Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • plus Unlimited E-Mail
  • plus 500 Simultaneous Connections (EP)
  • plus 600 Simultaneous Connections (NPROC)
  • plus 6 Core CPU
  • plus 5 GB Ram
  • plus Unlimited Subdomain
  • plus 25 FTP Accounts
  • plus Inode is unlimited
  • plus Multi PHP Desteği
  • plus Php Selector
  • plus PHP 5.3-7.4
  • plus Anti DDoS Protection
  • plus Automatic Shell Cleaning
  • plus Imunify360
  • plus CageFS
  • plus Free Backup
  • plus Location Turkey

High Performance Hosting Features

Enjoy high performance hosting packages with the latest technology and new hardware

24/7 Technical Support

You can request 24/7 support from us, regardless of the time and day you have a problem.

100% NVME SSD Disk Structure

Ready to experience the full performance NVME SSD?

Unlimited Sub-Features

Unlimited resources such as Disk, Traffic, Mailbox, Database, Subdomain, FTP User.

Free Backup

Weekly backups of the servers are taken regularly.

Free Setup

Setup is provided by us completely free of charge.

Script Installation with One Click

200 scripts such as Wordpress, Opencart, Prestashop are loaded in minutes from the control panel with one click.

We are working nonstop for you


Wordpress Optimized

Get ready for a unique experience with our WordPress hosting packages!

If about 25% of users fail to load a web page in 4 seconds or less, that web page will exit without loading. This may sound like a harsh punishment. If you can reduce your website load time to 2.9 seconds, it will instantly be faster than half of existing websites. This means that even marginal improvements in your website speed can give your business much greater benefits.

Thanks to our fully optimized hosting packages, your websites are opened at very high speeds with an unmatched experience.

99,9% Uptime

Together with our infrastructure with the latest hardware technology, we work in a completely redundant manner both on our network and on our servers.

Together with the solid infrastructure investment, we have brought our service quality level to the highest level.

Updated Version

Up-to-date hardware and latest software are used in our virtual server (VDS/VPS) virtualization, Web hosting and physical server infrastructure, and high-level security measures are taken against possible cyber attacks.

The security of your data is very important to us, and you can keep your projects safe under the assurance of Sunucun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting?

Website Hosting , that is, web hosting, is the storage of the content, pages, images or documents that are desired to be published on a website on a server that can be accessed by internet users. The files that it wants to publish must be stored on a computer (server) that is specially produced for publishing a website on the Internet, has a high-speed connection to internet lines, and can serve hundreds of visitors at the same time. These computers that host the files of the website and offer internet access are called web servers, and the process of storing, hosting and publishing this data is called web hosting.

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed; Compared to the Apache web server, it provides up to 60% relief in the system, allowing the server to work with more efficient performance. Thus, web hosting service is provided faster and more stable. For this reason, LiteSpeed ​​is used as standard on all our linux servers.

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux; It is an operating system for resource and performance management, especially on servers with multiple user accounts. Operating since 2009, CloudLinux OS can be applied simply on operating systems such as CentOS. CloudLinux is actively used in all our web hosting packages.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Linux?

- CloudLinux increases stabilization. By creating isolation between users (CageFS Feature), Cloud Linux creates the opportunity to regulate resource usage at the rates determined by the system administrator. Thus, your system works stable and safe. - Reduces resource usage. With Cloud Linux, individual CPU, Memory (RAM) and I/O limitations can be made for each hosting customer. Thus, it prevents customers using high system resources from affecting other customers.

Which Hosting Product Should I Choose?

There are many packages and different parameters and physical limits for hosting service. Before making this choice, analyze your site and the software technology it uses. Also, determine your intended use. The most suitable package for sites using PHP and MySQL technology is Linux Hosting packages. If you are using software technologies such as SQL Server, ASP and ASP.Net, you should definitely purchase Windows Hosting packages. Remember that when you make the right choice, you will get the highest performance from the hosting service.

How Are Hosting Prices Determined?

Web Hosting prices are determined according to market conditions, usage averages and costs. Our company constantly invests in automation and our infrastructure, trying to reduce costs and provide hosting services at the lowest price.

When is my hosting service activated?

Our hosting solutions are instantly activated after your order and are ready for your use.

Do I pay any hidden fees?

Except for the fees you see on our website, only official taxes are added to our hosting services. There are no operational fees or additional setup fees.

I want to move my website to you, do you do the migration?

If you want to transfer your website from a different company to us, we have a free transfer service from Cpanel to > Cpanel.

Which Scripts Is Hosting Service Compatible With?

Our hosting service is compatible with almost all available open source or closed source licensed (ioncube, zend and sourceguard etc) licenses. If it is necessary to give examples of leading script and web-based software, for Linux; All scripts written in WordPress, Opencart, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Laravel, CodeInteger, PHP framework and PHP version 5.3 and above are for Windows; Supports MySQL, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, Classic ASP, ASP.Net 2.0, ASP.Net 3.5, ASP.Net 4.6 and MVC.

What is Free SSL?

The SSL service creates an encrypted communication channel between the web server and the visitor's computer. In this way, it does not allow theft of private information such as credit card, membership information, password and password. Until recently, this technology was paid for. It is now provided free of charge as standard on all hosting services. It is automatically installed within 24 hours after purchasing the hosting service.

How Does Hosting Service Work?

For the hosting service to work, first of all, a domain name is needed. By registering a domain, you buy a name for your website. This name will represent your site on the internet. During the hosting purchase, you will be asked to register a new domain, transfer or specify an existing domain that has been registered. You can make this selection by going through the purchasing process and adding a product to the cart.

Can I get the address as [email protected]?

Yes, when you receive hosting service, you can have a private e-mail address or addresses on your behalf. Email addresses can be used as part of the hosting service.

Are You Making Backups?

Yes, we regularly back up all our servers and hosting services on a weekly basis. In addition, we back up all our systems on an image basis on a daily basis in case of disasters and disk failures. If you delete a data on your site or want to upload an old backup, you can request it from our technical team.

What are the security measures?

We have a strong security algorithm. We regularly follow up-to-date software. By monitoring all the servers we have, we notice possible outages early. Our servers, where your hosting service is located, are monitored 24/7. There are some systems that scan and block security vulnerabilities in our infrastructure. Vulnerabilities can be caused by software or database programming errors or users rather than hosting services. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase up-to-date and licensed products and set strong passwords instead of simple ones.