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Business Plus VDS Servers

model Model islemci CPU ram RAM disk Disk place Location trafik Bandwidth fiyat Price basket Basket
VDS-BSNP 1 16 Core Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 Serisi 32 GB DDR4 RAM 250 GB NVME SSD COMNET COMNET 1Gbps Unlimited Traffic $21.26 Monthly Buy
VDS-BSNP 2 22 Core Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 Serisi 40 GB DDR4 RAM 500 GB NVME SSD COMNET COMNET 1Gbps Unlimited Traffic $28.18 Monthly Buy
VDS-BSNP 3 26 Core Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 Serisi 48 GB DDR4 RAM 750 GB NVME SSD COMNET COMNET 1Gbps Unlimited Traffic $35.13 Monthly Buy
VDS-BSNP 4 32 Core Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 Serisi 56 GB DDR4 RAM 1 TB NVME SSD COMNET COMNET 1Gbps Unlimited Traffic $45.50 Monthly Buy

Available Operating Systems and Panels

Experience the most up-to-date operating systems and control panels in the market with our Business Plus VDS Servers package, ideal for your medium and large-scale projects. From Windows to Oracle, and from cPanel to DirectAdmin, we offer the most suitable solution for your project with a wide range of options.

Business Plus VDS Server

What is Business Plus VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)?

Business Plus VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) are virtual server solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of businesses. These servers offer a range of advantages to businesses by providing high performance, security, and scalability. Businesses can access customizable resources, use high-speed SSD storage, and work with flexible operating system options through these servers.

Additionally, with full root access, they can configure the server as they wish. Business Plus VDS Servers are an ideal option for businesses looking to experience a secure and efficient virtual server environment.

High Performance and Reliability

Business Plus VDS Servers have hardware resources that offer high performance. Thanks to advanced processors and high memory capacity, they provide fast and efficient operation. Businesses can manage heavy workloads smoothly using these servers.

Equipped with security measures, Business Plus VDS Servers protect your data. They keep your business's data safe with advanced security software and a secure network infrastructure. These servers provide protection against DDoS attacks and perform automatic scans against malicious software. Thus, the security of critical information for your business is ensured.

Additionally, Business Plus VDS Servers have a continuously monitored network infrastructure. This allows for quick intervention in case of any issues and ensures uninterrupted service. With backup systems, they also prevent the loss of your data, supporting the continuity of your business.

Thanks to their high performance and security features, Business Plus VDS Servers are an ideal option for businesses. You can choose these servers to keep your business data secure and ensure smooth operation.

Scalability and Flexibility

Business Plus VDS Servers have a scalable structure that can adapt to the growth of your business. You can increase or decrease resources according to your needs. As the requirements of your business change, you can easily adjust the capacity of your server. This means that if your workload increases and you need more resources, you can quickly add additional resources. Similarly, when your workload decreases, you can remove unnecessary resources to optimize your costs.

An Ideal Option

Business Plus VDS Servers are an ideal option for technology enthusiasts and business owners. Designed to meet the needs of users with their advanced features, these servers provide advantages such as high performance, security, scalability, and flexibility.

For Technology Enthusiasts

Business Plus VDS Servers offer an advanced server experience for technology enthusiasts. With their high performance and customization options, these servers enable them to make their work more efficient. Technology enthusiasts can optimize their servers by selecting resources that suit their needs. Thanks to advanced hardware resources, they achieve high performance, and with full root access, they can configure the server as they wish. This creates an ideal environment for technology enthusiasts to realize their own projects and produce innovative solutions.

For Business Owners

Business owners can manage their operations securely and in a scalable manner with Business Plus VDS Servers. Thanks to the flexibility and high-performance features of these servers, optimizing business processes is feasible. They can easily adjust the resources they need and configure the server according to their requirements. Moreover, equipped with security measures, Business Plus VDS Servers protect the data of businesses and ensure uninterrupted service. Business owners, with these servers, can ensure business continuity and focus on growth, knowing that their data is secure.

What are the Differences Between Renting a VDS and a Dedicated Server?

For businesses looking to strengthen their technology infrastructure, server rental offers both economical and practical solutions. However, there are significant differences between renting a VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) and a dedicated server.

Resource Sharing

VDS offers dedicated resources to businesses in a virtual environment. A physical server, on the other hand, refers to hardware that is entirely under the control of one user, without shared resources.


VDS is usually less costly than a physical server because hardware resources are shared among multiple tenants through virtualization. Dedicated servers have a higher initial cost because you need to rent the entire hardware.


VDS allows for rapid scaling of resources. In a physical server, you are limited within the boundaries of the hardware, and upgrades are generally more costly and time-consuming.

Setup and Management

VDS typically offers the advantages of quick setup and easy management. Dedicated servers may require more technical knowledge and time for hardware configuration and maintenance.


Dedicated servers often offer higher performance as they provide all resources to a single user. VDS, on the other hand, allocates resources virtually and can sometimes lead to performance fluctuations due to the 'neighbor effect.


Dedicated servers typically offer higher security due to having full control over the hardware. In VDS, security configurations can become more complex due to the virtualization layer.

Both server types offer advantages in certain scenarios. VDS is suitable for businesses looking for flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Dedicated servers are ideal for situations requiring full control of resources and high performance.


Why Should You Choose To (Rent) Business Plus VDS

In the digital age, investments in technological infrastructure have become a competitive advantage for businesses. Business Plus VDS creates a difference in this area by offering businesses specialized high-performance server solutions. Here are some key reasons why it might be a preferred choice;

Customized High Performance

Business Plus VDS can be customized to meet the high-performance needs of your business, such as high traffic and data processing. It is equipped with powerful processors, extended memory, and fast storage options.

Reliability and Continuity

These servers are equipped with high uptime rates that ensure the continuity of your business. Uninterrupted access increases customer trust and satisfaction while minimizing business loss.

Advanced Security

Business Plus VDS comes with industry-standard security features. It is equipped with comprehensive firewalls, DDoS protection, and data encryption, among other features.

Scalable Resources

As your business grows, you can increase the resources of your server with just a few simple clicks. This provides flexibility in meeting expectations and managing varying needs depending on the size of the business.


Business Plus VDS offers the advantages of a physical server without high initial costs. This is a significant financial benefit, especially for businesses with limited capital.

Access to Professional Support

24/7 expert support teams are available to assist you with any technical issues. This service allows your IT team to allocate their time and resources to the core activities of your business.

Business Plus VDS meets critical business needs such as performance, reliability, security, and scalability, ensuring the strength of your digital infrastructure. It has become an indispensable solution, especially for technology-focused business processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VDS Virtual Server?

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is an abbreviation of English expression. In other words, the virtual system is the server system obtained by the resources that are assigned. This method is more reliable and performance than other virtualization technologies. Resources such as Ram, CPU and Disk, which are allocated from the main server, are within real limits. The resource assigned to a user leaves the system. It is not shared with another user. For example, if you order your server with 8 GB of RAM, even if you use 8 GB of RAM, you will be assigned and dropped from the system. In other systems, if the assigned resources are empty, it can be used by a different user, so the service is slower for everyone in total.

What is VDS Server Delivery Time?

Upon approval of VDS server orders, the installation is completed within the same day and the server is delivered.

What are the VDS Virtual Server Advantages?

Shared hosting servers have features that can not be changed. For this reason, you can optimize your virtual server as you like in your specific projects and adjust your settings as you like. You can organize your server according to your project, not the server.

How many sites can be hosted on the server?

This is entirely due to your site's visitor count and resource consumption. Whether you have a single site or dozens of sites, if you are optimizing well, you can host your sites with average daily 5K and 15K hits on different packages. The less load your sites place on the server, the higher your performance ratio will be at that level.

Can VDS Server Features Be Changed?

It is possible to increase the features of your VDS server uninterruptedly by reaching our technical team quickly without losing data in the VDS server services you have purchased, which will be reflected in your invoices.

Where are VDS servers hosted?

VDS servers are hosted in the Comnet Data Center in Istanbul Bahçelievler. We provide uninterrupted and quality service in this Tier III certified data center.

On Which Servers Is SSD VDS Available?

SSD disk is used in all our servers. You get service with SSD disk structure in all our products.

Can VDS Service Be Backed Up?

Yes, backup service is provided by our technical support team for all of our VDS packages you have purchased.

How Many IP Addresses Can I Add to My VDS Server?

All our VDS packages are limited to a maximum of 15.

Do I Pay Transportation Fee for Transition to VDS Rental Service?

Our technical team can carry out the transfer process free of charge and quickly by transmitting the company information of our customers who have transferred to Sunucun.com.tr from a different company.

Who Are VDS Servers Suitable For?

It is suitable for anyone who wants better, safer, high traffic, high storage space, high quality and fast service.

What Operating Systems Are Available?

Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Centos8, Centos7, Centos6, Debian8.5, Ubuntu20.04, Ubuntu19.04, Ubuntu18.08, Windows 7, Windows10.

Do Servers Have Hosting Management Panel?

Our VDS servers do not have any hosting management panel, but all panels such as Plesk Windows, WebSite Panel Windows, Plesk Linux, CPanel Linux that you want to install can be installed and delivered quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the technical team in case of running the program in case of purchase.